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November 18th – 20th, 2020

3 day virtual event

The ONA Summit is an innovative conference on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) for Leaders and Organizational Development Professionals. The three-day virtual event brings together top industry leaders to discuss the power of ONA to: 

The ONA Summit is a unique opportunity to learn from international thought leaders about how networks of trust and data-driven insights can help you accelerate transformation across your organization. This pandemic has significantly challenged your organization, teams, work culture and workflows. Trust plays a key role in how your organization adapts to the “new normal” and how the crisis will affect the engagement and productivity of your people. 

However, building and strengthening trusting relationships among your employees has never been more important than now. Use this interactive opportunity to learn how to navigate the uncertainties and nurture a productive and constructive organization – one that will continue to provide value and have a positive social impact on the world.